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ZAGG Pro Stylus

The ZAGG Pro Stylus allows you to take notes, sketch, swipe, mark documents and more with precision and speed. It features palm rejection technology so that when it’s in use, only the stylus will register on your screen. The universal capacitive backend tip lets you scroll through pages easily, and the active tip on the other end lets you draw smooth, precise lines for notes or sketches. The Pro Stylus has tilt recognition so you can vary the width of your stroke and also comes with a spare tip. It works with your favorite apps that support Apple Pencil and automatically pairs with any iPad 2018 or newer. It also features battery power that lasts up to eight hours. Comes with a Type-C charging cord to recharge in just one hour and 25 minutes. Currently in stock:
  • ZAGG Pro Stylus, Black/Grey, SKU: 109907068

ZAGG Keyboard Pro Keys with Trackpad

Pro Keys with Trackpad has a Bluetooth integrated trackpad, so you can scroll, swipe, and navigate more efficiently than ever. Pro Keys with Trackpad also has a detachable case; an integrated, adjustable stand; precision keys with backlighting; and a holder for your stylus. Currently in stock:
  • ZAGG iPad 10.2" Pro Keys with Trackpad, Black/Grey, SKU: 103407950
  • ZAGG iPad Air 10.9"/iPad Pro 11"  Pro Keys with Trackpad, Black/Grey, SKU: 103407937
  • ZAGG iPad Pro 12.9" Pro Keys with Trackpad, Charcoal, SKU: 103409289​

ZAGG Keyboard Pro Keys

ZAGG Pro Keys is a wireless keyboard & detachable case for iPad devices. It has everything you need to make any surface an effective workspace. Featuring a keyframe with smooth, precise key travel for fast, accurate touch typing. The case allows a stylus to attach magnetically to your iPad. Also includes forward-facing speaker cutouts, backlit keys, and an adjustable stand. Currently in stock: 
  • ZAGG iPad 10.2" Pro Keys, Black/Grey, SKU: 103407134
  • ZAGG iPad Air 10.9" Pro Keys, Black/Grey, SKU: 103407271
  • ZAGG iPad Pro 12.9" Pro Keys, Black/Grey, SKU: 103407963

ZAGG Keyboard Messenger Folio

The Messenger Folio is built with premium features like the space-efficient standing design and highlighted function keys. Its durable, protective case has a magnetic closure and holder for your Apple Pencil. Your iPad locks into a slot on the keyboard and fits neatly into the top of the case, making it easy to use in tight spaces, like an airplane tray. The magnetic closure provides additional protection, holding the case securely closed until you're ready to use it again. Spacious laptop-style keys provide a comfortable typing experience. The row of function keys at the top of the keyboard increase your speed and efficiency. Compatible with 10.2-in. Apple iPad (7th & 8th gen) and 10.5-in. iPad Air (3rd gen). Currently in stock:
  • ZAGG iPad 10.2"/10.5" Messenger Folio, Charcoal, SKU: 103007169