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Lander Glacier

Glacier is made with materials from recycled ocean plastics and plant-based bioplastics making this a reduced footprint product that can also extend the life of your phone. Transparent with a colour frame, it is designed to showcase the device without sacrificing protection. Currently in stock: 
  • Lander iPhone 12 Mini Glacier, Clear/Black, SKU: 4PGFB-APG54-9GF

Lander Vise

The Vise case offers impact protection with an ultra-durable design. The 2-piece, hard polycarbonate case is rigid, absorbing shock in case of accidental drops, and prevents bending and twisting. Vise is also a sustainable case, with Repreve® recycled ocean plastic design equal to three recycled 16 oz. water bottles. The inside layer is composed of TPU made from plant-based bioplastics, and the exterior layer is recyclable. Currently in stock:
  • Lander iPhone 12 Mini Vise, Blush, SKU: 4PV1U-APG54-9GF
  • Lander iPhone 12 Mini Vise, Black, SKU: 4PVBU-APG54-9GF

Lander Torrey

Featuring ThermoLine™ insulation, Torrey is designed to defend your phone against extreme temperature swings, improving battery life and protecting the hardware against damage. This protective insulating layer is something every outdoor enthusiast should have for their phone. Torrey is crafted from TPU derived from plant-based bioplastics, which is both renewable and easier to recycle. Adding rigidity to defend against drops, bends, and twists, the Tritan™ Renew copolyester interior is also made from recycled plastic. The lanyard is made from REPREVE® recycled, ocean-reclaimed plastics. Currently in stock:
  • Lander iPhone 12 Mini Torrey, Blush, SKU: 4PT12-APG54-9GF
  • Lander iPhone 12 Mini Torrey, Black, SKU: 4PTB2-APG54-9GF